- BioerosionBase is coming up soon -


=> Establishing an online bioerosion ichnotaxonomy database

=> Integrated with other SENCKENBERG “world of biodiversity” databases

=> Philosophy: “Wikipedia of Bioerosion”

=> Submission of input by registered contributors, quality check via editors


=> Ichnotaxon tree (ichnofamily, ichnogenus, ichnospecies)

=> Ichnospecies name, first author(s), year


=> Synonyms

=> Holotyp and Paratype(s)# and location

=> Images of holotype, etc.

=> Type locality

=> Original diagnosis

=> Emended diagnosis

=> Original description

=> Remarks on original description

=> Known size range

=> Trace type (attachment scar; predation trace; grazing trace, etc.)

=> General morphology (spherical, single tubes, networks, etc.)

=> Known or inferred producer(s)

=> Stratigraphical record

=> Salinity (marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial)

=> (Palaeo-)biogeographic zones (polar, cold-temp., warm-temp., tropical)

=> Photic zones (euphotic I-III, dysphotic, aphotic)

=> Substrate type (carbonate, wood, siliciclastics, amber, basalt, bone, etc.)

=> Ichnofacies (Entobia, Gnathichnus, Trypanites ichnofacies, etc.)

=> Ethological classification (Domichnia, etc.)

=> Recent Geographical distribution

=> Reference of original description

=> Reference of emended diagnosis

=> References of records

Advanced Search Functions

=> Ichnospecies, -genus, -family, -facies, author, biogeographic zones, stratigraphy, etc.

Additional Content

=> List of contributors with affiliation and outline of expertise, etc.

=> Edit history for each ichnotaxon (who did what and when, etc.)

=> Statistics (how many ichnotaxa per trace type, per stratigraphic unit, etc.)

=> Literature

Call for Feedback

=> Who is interested in contributing what?

=> What do you expect from such a database?

=> Which options for future extensions do come up your mind?

=> Any general comments, suggestions, critics, etc.?

=> Who is interested in joining a BioerosionBase workshop in Wilhelmshaven, Germany?

=> Contact us via e-mail